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Our Story

The Milky Way was born out of the sheer panic and bewilderment, which every parent experiences. During the first few weeks, we go through the “Nursing Boot Camp,” “Inept Diaper Change 101” and the best crash-course of all – “The Fussy Baby Primer: Learning to Sleep While Standing Up.” We are here and there and everywhere in between picking up this nursing pillow, that nursing bra, this baby bottle, that child-care book, this swaddling blanket and that anti-colic formula.

Then one day, it hit us like a ton of bricks – this would be so much easier if all these items were attainable in one location, especially during this most chaotic chapter in our lives! So we set out to develop… The Milky Way!

We are dedicated to helping new families discover the joys of breastfeeding and parenting while helping them overcome some of the challenges the first few years might present.

We don’t just stop there; we also help those that want to celebrate you and your new family member. We offer wonderful gifts, gift baskets, gift delivery service, books, apparel and other products that are helpful to any family.

We are very lucky to be able to be with folks during the greatest time in their lives.

Thank you for sharing the great miracle of life with us!

Celebrate Everything!