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Lickety-Split Healing Balm - 2 oz.

  • Lickety-Split Healing Balm - 2 oz.

AKA the sore nipple and diaper rash miracle cure. This plain little plastic jar with a homemade label contains a miraculous salve that has been known to heal everything from diaper rashes and sore nipples to razor burn and my friend’s dog’s hot spots. It’s a combination of olive oil, rosemary and a few other herbs. We can’t explain it but we sure do love it.

Perhaps the greatest testament to the power of “The Balm” is the story of the terrible void and near-panic its absence created. The delightful Jenny West, Lickety Split conjurer and midwife based in New Mexico, had the terrible fortune to lose her home to fire a few years ago. She was displaced and the recipe was lost! For months she worked to rebuild her life, but in the meantime, no Lickety Split was forthcoming. When I announced to my customers that it would be out of stock indefinitely, we had an immediate rush and every jar was gone in no time. It took quite some time for her to get cooking again. I called her regularly to check on her and The Balm. When I did, she often told me that my customers had been calling her directly to see if they could get just a little bit to see them through. By the time I got my next shipment, I had a list of more than 30 people to call with the joyful news of its return. The diaper rashes were soon were soothed, boogie board burned tummies made new and all was right with the world again.